Monday, May 01, 2006


The 100 People Who Shape The Left

Brian Maloney writes about Time Magazine's choice of 100 leftists who shape their world view. I made this cover for him. I know I left out a few. I apologize. Not really.

I just wish that the Democrats & the liberials would just come out & say "Yes, we do support the terrorists and their rights"

Known Bin Laden & terrorists supporters -

1)Cindy Sheehan
2)Alan Colmes
3)All Democrats
3)Mike Farrell
5)George Soros
6)Open Border groups
7)Harry Belafonte
8)Code Pink
9)Hugo Chavez
10)Michael Moore
12)George Clooney
14)Air America

if anyone would like to add to this list - go right ahead, because i'm pretty sure that there are a lot more deserving peolpe & groups that belong on this list.
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