Sunday, January 29, 2006


Saddam's Striped Bass

His trial is such a zoo, he may as well bring animals in.

Friday, January 27, 2006


The Grieving Mother

Isn't that Bill Clinton's "spiritual advisor" with Cindy Sheehan?


Greedy Bastard Al

When the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club gets their $875K back from Air America, I may stop photoshopping Greedy Al. NAH!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I know, I know. The picture's posted below. I couldn't resist adding text.


Teddy Can't Stand Up

The high and mighty (cough) Ted Kennedy stands...oops...sits in judgement of the next Supreme Court justice.


Talk About Terror!

Too bad Janet Reno wasn't as interested in FOREIGN terrorists as she was in Elian Gonzalez and the Branch Davidians.


Russ- Civil Rights First!

Do you suppose Osama Bin Laden has a picture of Russ on the wall of his cave? (Tomb?)


French Postcard

The ROP blowing off a little steam.


Save Yourselves!

Teddy, did you forget something? Like a girl in your car?


Best Sellers

Don't expect these blockbusters on a shelf near you anytime soon.


Death to the Patriot Act? This is a good thing?

Please tell me how al-Qaeda and the Democrats would vote differently.


Jimmy Carter- Worst President EVER!

I'm glad I was alive when the disaster of Jimmy Carter was visited upon this great nation. Thank God Ronald Reagan came along when he did.


A Preview of Hillary's Prez Campaign

Another democrat designed ship -- No lifeboats


CNN kicked out of Iran? Why?

Don't the Iranians know that CNN is on their side?


Code Pinko



What the ambitious look like:


The Windbags- Group #1

Show me a bigger collection of losers.


Hamas' Hero


Russ Feingold- Civil Rights protector!

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