Friday, April 28, 2006


Troops Out By Year's End!

Presidential candidate Russ Feingold is calling for our troops to surrender by the end of 2006. All in favor, raise your hands. Alright, there's Iran, Al Qaeda, Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore, and the rest of the American Left.

If only we could get Feingold out of the Senate by years end.
don't count on vey afraid if the Liberial Democrats win in 2006 & 2008. be very very afraid.
What would one expect from Feingold? It was, after all, he and McCain that trashed the 2d Ammendment with the so-called Campaign Finance Reform Bill.

I swear, if this were the Second World War, Feingold would be a Capo somewhere trying to make nice with the fascists....just as he is with this current bunch.

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