Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The New WH Press Secretary

I made this image for Michelle Malkin and now that she's posted it, I'm going to toss it up here. Can the Democrats filibuster this choice, too?

Great photoshop!

I'm really looking forward to seeing Tony behind the podium.
It made my day. Great job!
Nicely done. Thanks.
He'll soon be wiping his brow with the True Father's Holy Handkerchief.
Good stuff!
Wow. What a genius you are. You know, not just any idiot can learn to use Photoshop. It's a little known fact that Adobe has only sold 12 copies of Photoshop ever.
Tony Snow, September 1, 2004:

Not so long ago, one could count on Republicans at least to defend the idea of limited government, but no more. This is the chief reason the Conservative Movement has shattered, like a broken mirror, into dozens of jagged, sharp and discordant pieces.
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