Sunday, April 23, 2006


The Masculine Al Gore

You know, with Al Gore travelling around the world throwing wild temper tantrums, it makes me pine for the good old days. Back when Al could pull on a tight pair of Khakis and stroll around the big rocks. Just like he was doing on this Rolling Stone cover.


A regular fucking photoshop genius!

Don't quit your day job, Nimrod.
First time I've been to your site. I like the fact that the left wing nut jobs are (as usual) posting such thought provoking and creative items.

Keep up the good work!
Great skills on the images, too bad the libs can't appreciate it or articulate why they don't.
the liberials in this country are just as bad as Al-Qaeda. it just amazes me that these same people who critisize our president and say that this country is bad - but yet - they still live here. if you people hate this country so much - THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! go live in the Middle East or Europe. WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!!
Hey tom, go to hell. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean he "hates America."

My God, you're stupid.
again - if you don't like this country and think that the U.S.A. is the worst country in the World - then GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!!! WE DON'T NEED YOU SCUM SUCKING, LEFT-WING LIBERIALS. you're the ones who are making this country look bad NOT conservatives.please do us True Americans a favor and either move to Europe or the Middle East.

Those who support the terrorists -
1)ACLU - oppose the Patriot Act. America's Taliban

2)Demorcrats - want to cut & run from Iraq. some Dems called our own troops "terrorists"

3)Liberials - are against the NSA program, believe that the terrorists in this country have a right to call to other terrorists in other countries to plan attacks against this great country

4)open borders groups - they don't care who comes into this country.believe that no country should have borders to protect itself from dangerous people.

5)Secularists - trying to get rid of all hoildays especially Christmas.
i'm sooo glad that Gore didn't become President. if he did then this country would be going down to the 10th level of hell. oh wait, it already has, thanks to the left-wing liberial nutjobs in this country.
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